ECO design part IV

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ECO designPart IV Is it only the planet that benefits from eco-design? By optimising labels from an ecological point of view, we gain much more than just a lower negative impact on the environment. Reducing waste, raw material and energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is of course a priority. However, it should not

ECO design part III

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ECO design Part III What elements are involved in the eco-design of labels? In order to design a truly ecological label, it is first necessary to analyse the entire product life cycle, or LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) - a procedure that will define how the negative impact of the labelled packaging can be reduced at

ECO design part II

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ECO design Part II Ecodesign and current legislation. In our country, the obligations of the introducer? ( introducer?) of packaging to the market are mentioned in Article 11 of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Management Act of 13 June 2013). We can find in it that: "The introducer of packaging is obliged to reduce

Vegan labels

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Can labels be vegan? Well, they can! You ask how is it possible? Here we explain :) There is a common misconception that veganism is just a diet. Veganism is much more than that, it is a lifestyle that encompasses every aspect of life. The list of goods and products labelled as vegan goes

Brand story part III

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Brand Story Part III New logo The logo has gained a new, bold form. The typography refers to the layout of a flexographic machine. Its technical, raw look brings to mind a set of rollers, gears, and the role of the label material. This is a very apt observation. In the first version, the

Brand story part II

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Brand Story Part II In which we ask ourselves important questions Despite a constant lack of time, we managed to find the opportunities to talk to each other and discuss many issues, to express our concerns as well as our hopes and dreams for the future. Time spent in these conversations, often exciting, sometimes

Brand story part I

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Brand Story Part I What is the point of this ? And what is it all for ? Every change begets a reaction. Especially when a manufacturing company grows, has many employees and a large number of customers, as our does. Monday 21.03.2021 is the day we officially launch as #flexongoesgreen Want to see

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