Unremovable labels

Permanent marking of products and objects is a difficult issue. In fact, there is no method of marking, which can not be destroyed. However, we offer labelling solutions that are extremely mechanically resistant. For this purpose, we use various coatings, laminates and materials with very high bonding strength.

There are several products in this category:

1. FlexGuard - labels are made of strong foil with permanent glue with high adhesion to smooth surfaces. In this solution print is additionally covered with scratch resistant laminate. Printing can be performed conventionally or digitally.

2. FlexGuard+ – foil labels with even stronger adhesive to stick to difficult and slightly rough surfaces. Print is also protected by an over-laminate.

3. FlexGuard Outdoor - super permanent, mechanically resistant stickers for marking of elements operating outside. For outdoor applications we offer solutions for minimum 3 years and minimum 5 years durability.

4. FlexExtreme – labels with printing hidden behind a thick layer of special protective film. In combination with extremely strong bonding adhesive this solution gives you something more than just a label. FlexExtreme is a solution for exceptional applications where mechanical resistance needs to be extreme.

5. FlexTransfer - a revolutionary method of permanent marking that involves transfer of print directly on to the desired item. Because FlexTransfer is not a label it can not be removed in one piece and the effect obtained is comparable to direct print on the surface. Recommended for flat surfaces made of any material.

Product samples: